Thursday, April 11, 2013

Loves on a Thursday...Ruche...

You know that feeling when you see a beautiful dress on a blog or a shop and then it's actually in your price range...Yeah total joy! I've seen the online Shop Ruche images EVERYWHERE and I mean all over the top blogs and somehow I never clicked on the price pages. I was in utter shock about how reasonably priced some of their pieces are! 

My heart went bitter batter at the spring dress possibilities. =)

#1 - Dance With Me Ruffled Dress - $46.99 (Styled in above picture)
#3 - Dollhouse Belted Dress - $59.99 (Styled in below picture)

I just love all four of these dresses and I wish I could take all 4 home with me. I am considering buying #3 for the Virginia May wedding I have to go, but I'm super sad that the Little Crush Heart dress is sold out. BUT I emailed Ruche to be notified if it comes back in stock. =) It's refreshing to see reasonable prices for pretty clothes after lusting over tons of Anthropologie favorites & Modcloth beauties that are just too out of my price range right now. Also you can only have the same type of Target dress is so many colors...

Fashion & clothes are have always been weird for me because of my body shape. I'm only 5' 5" but for some reason I feel like the trend now is for dresses to be SUPER SHORT & I just can't follow along.  I wish I could just buy dresses online without trying them on, but I would like to sit down without my butt hitting the seat because the dress hiked up so high. Is it just me that feels that way?? 

I love so many dresses from the new Kate Spade Saturday collection, but again everything feels like it's so short from the pictures? It could possibly be that the models are too tall for the dresses so it appears like they are short or I'm not sure. I've noticed even in Kohl's the Lauren Conrad collections are always very short even if you are wearing a L or XL which I do proudly at the moment. I reluctantly had to return a gorgeous Lauren Conrad mint dress because it was just too short with my mini heels.

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wear leggings or those capri tights that hit the ankle (not sure what they are called) under the dresses if it's a more casual setting. =)

Where Are You Shopping for Spring Dresses this Year?

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  1. I love your picks they so lovely and i just checked the website link, wow!!! they got fabulous items.

  2. i don't really wear dresses; mainly because i think they make me look too short and stocky. however, i have been eyeing some maxi dresses at old navy....

  3. remember the girls wearing the dresses on-line are MODELS - they are at least 5'9 - so those dresses won't be as short on you - i found that out a while ago - THANKFULLY - b/c i'm 5'3 and i need to make sure things aren't TOO long or TOO short

  4. These are SO adorable. God, I wish I had money to hit up Kate Spade for spring dresses lol. But I got NO money. I'll be lucky to hit up F21.

  5. Wow, these are amazing! I don't allow myself to get too many summer dresses though, as we only tend to have a couple of really warm days. And when that happens it seems I'm somehow more drawn to wearing skirts. But I'll try to wear more dresses this year;)

  6. its not just you that feels that way, i want dresses to be more towards knee length so i often buy them from cath kidston as they are the perfect shape for me. im much taller than you 5'10, so it can be hard because some short dresses look like tops on me. the pretty dresses from ruche youve posted would be like a top or tunic on me lol.. i love them though xxxx

  7. They really do have some of the best dresses

    xo Ashley

  8. Adore #1. So spring-y and feminine. I wish I could wear more dresses in SF. Unfortunately it doesn't stay hot too long here! I tend to stick to maxis.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  9. These picks are so nice . I heart the #4 with hearts :) My spring picks are some floral scarves and regular jeans with shirts.
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  10. Beautiful, thanks for sharing :)

  11. Yes. Yes. Ruche is SO INCREDIBLE!

  12. I'm totally a Ruche and Modcloth person too. I love browsing through their dresses :) #3 is a great choice!

  13. As a tall girl (5'9"), those dresses look adorable, but way too short for me. Nobody needs to see that much of my thigh. :)

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  15. That Saturday collection is great and I love the dresses you have pictured here! I bet you could wear the short styles wonderfully! I'm 5'4 and I can get away with it and not feel like my butt cheeks are exposed... ;) Although, due to a hate/hate relationship with my thighs I opt for maxi skirts.


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